Mission + Approach + Services


To enhance enjoyment of the built environment where we live, learn, work, worship, heal and play, through responsible, creative architecture.

We are an imaginative, community and environmentally minded architectural and Interiors firm located in Lancaster, Lebanon and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We take our 35+ years of expertise and experience and provide our clients with responsive, collaborative solutions through an enjoyable team process. Our projects range in size from modest additions to new 200,000 sf. facilities. Sized just right to provide personal attention, we employ the latest technology to produce valued results. The firm fosters a culture of respect, encouragement and innovation.

Beers + Hoffman approaches every project uniquely with a blank canvas, taking time to truly get to know you, and provide a positive, shared design experience for everyone.  We listen to your wants, desires, priorities, budget and your time frame to define the project scope.  The spatial and functional needs of occupants are studied, and physical and historical/cultural context is surveyed.  We collaboratively develop the appropriate solution, based on our vast experience, for a successful project that meets your needs for many years to come.

The overall construction delivery method may either be a Design Team Partnering (Design-Build) with an integrated design process teaming the owner-architect-contractor or the “traditional” bid (Design-Bid-Process) used mostly by public entities. Best suited for your project needs, software and techniques such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) are used to ensure accuracy, to promote efficiency, and to assist a complete visual and functional understanding of the project.  Click here to view a sample BIM Animation for Faith Church.

We desire to achieve the highest level of environmental responsibility applicable for your project and offer the appropriate level of sustainability to meet your budget (through our LEED accredited professionals).
Our qualities, as described by our clients.

  • Responsive
  • Integrity
  • Character
  • Creative
  • Good Listeners
  • Owner’s Advocate as Priority
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Ego-Free (Not Pretentious)
  • Community Minded
  • Sense of Humor


Facility & Feasibility Studies

Analyze current condition of existing building facilities and their system and the impact of current building codes to determine usefulness and return on investment recommendations. Analyze the client’s budget, needs and goals to determine the feasibility of renovating and/or additions compared to constructing a new building.

Master Planning

Develop a master plan for the overall use of the site and building(s) that can be sequenced into phases as the budget permits.

3-D Renderings & Animations 

To assist in visually understanding the aesthetic direction of a project (and to promote fundraising as necessary), 3-D computer generated perspective renderings, computer animations, and/or hand-drawn renderings are produced. The use of Autodesk Revit software to develop a Building Information Model (BIM) as a 3D virtual building, aids in this process.

Project Programming

Work with the client to establish a program to determine the type, number and size of various spaces required for a complete project. The firm has developed specialized surveys for various project types to assist with this process.

Building Code Analysis

Review an existing or new facility design to ensure compliance with municipal, state, and federal building codes and ADA guidelines.

Architectural Design

Provide early concept sketches and schematic design based on the project program and budget. These schematics drawings can be advanced in design development and then used in either project delivery process.

Sustainable “GREEN” Design

Approach design with the intent of implementing all potential sustainable concepts. With LEED Accredited Professional architects on staff, each project is analyzed and strategically approached to achieve the highest appropriate level of sustainability.

Permit Drawings

Produce drawings required by the local municipality to secure a building permit. These construction documents may be part of either project delivery process.

Interior Design

Provide interior space planning, finish selection and coordination, furniture procurement and installation, artwork, signage, and accessories selection.

Architectural Signage & Graphic Systems

Design not only the highly visible exterior signs for a building but also the interior directional and “wayfinding” signs.

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