Lebanon High School

Lebanon High School

Lebanon School District – Lebanon, PA

With a distinctive original 1960’s design of three round drums linked by glass corridors, a unique solution permitted expansion, provided updated flexible learning environments, and improved both accessibility and security measures – all while costing less than a new school.

Promoting “21st Century School Concepts” for future flexibility, renovations (220,009 sf) enlarged existing classroom sizes and new classrooms were provided by adding two in-fills (72,540 sf) between the drums.

As part of sustainable design, key contributors to LEED gold certification were reuse of the unique existing structural components and incorporating a new geothermal system.

From the student’s input, one of their favorite spaces – the exterior courtyard – was enclosed as a center court with a glass structure above which permitted year-round use, created a new community core space, and significantly improved student movement, way-finding, and security.



Architect Bob Hoffman took a 40-year-old facility that was very inefficient in many ways and created a masterpiece. What was once three separate buildings connected by unsightly corridors, is now a single modern high school building that has become a showpiece in our community - a facility that meets the needs of our students, staff and our taxpayers.

Mike Kuhn