Lititz Library

Lititz Library

Lititz, PA

The vision of a new community library that was for a design to embody the “essence” of the proud historical town of Lititz.

To articulate this, the buildings of the beautiful Moravian Square and its immediate neighborhood that reach back eloquently to the community’s beginnings were referenced. The wall surfaces, roof forms, trellis structures, stone walls, gardens and window configurations found in these structures provided a vocabulary for the new library.

Combined in unique ways, these design elements relate to an earlier Lititz, but do so in the context of a new building (15,000 sf) configured to meet current needs. The familiar design references combine to produce a gentle, warmly welcoming building that celebrates the community’s past and its future.


I appreciate the willingness of Beers & Hoffman to design what’s best for the project, not to some abstract ego goal. On the other hand, I also appreciate that they will strongly make their case for quality design and are willing to push to try to find the highest and best use for a facility. In short, it’s a pleasure to work with Beers & Hoffman. We created some beautiful, cost effective projects together… and we’ve had fun getting them done.

Ned Pelger, P.E.