Municipal Buildings

Municipal Buildings

Cornwall Municipal Building
New 3,000 sf facility containing administrative offices and maintenance garage.

  • Designing an economical, utilitarian building in an architectural language that complements the rich historic architecture of the surrounding community.
  • Used economical materials in colors and details that are reminiscent of the rich historic architecture of the surrounding community.

Lebanon Waste Water Authority
5,135 sf addition to Lebanon Waste Water Treatment Facility.

Sustainable Design features being utilized:

– Water use reduction through low-flow plumbing fixtures & sensors.

– High efficiency HVAC components.

– High efficiency light fixtures.

– Tinted glazing – UV protection, Low U value to maximize insulating qualities will be used.

– Highly reflective paint on interior surfaces will be utilized to minimize lighting needs.

– Occupancy sensors for lighting control.

– Ventilation and effective conditioning.

– Borrowed light or installation of light tubes for interior spaces work in the dark.

Palmyra Borough Municipal Building
One-story 14,500 sf, brick building containing the Council Chambers, Borough Offices, Rec. Department, EMA Facility, Police Department.  Spaces in the building include; locker room/showers, vehicle/equipment storage garages, holding cells, evidence processing/storage, firearms and ammunition storage, and fire-proof storage rooms.