St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Lancaster, PA

Needing both a larger sanctuary while also improving the connection between the congregation and the pastor were the impetus to the new addition (28,700 sf).  A radial layout for the worship space was the successful solution. With a beautiful new pipe organ, state-of-the-art sound & lighting systems, and stained glass windows, a smooth transition from the traditional linear layout of the existing sanctuary was made.

Besides providing a new chapel, narthex, and administrative space, provisions are also in-place for a future sanctuary balcony. All while controlling the massing of the new addition to not overwhelm the existing building, complimenting the existing brick details on the exterior, and replicating the precast cross feature of the original sanctuary.


The services provided by Beers & Hoffman, Ltd. were numerous. When you want a professional result you need to work with professionals. Our project of course was a church facility and Beers & Hoffman, Ltd. has an outstanding track record with successful church architecture.

Fred Husson, Building Chairman