The Heart of Lancaster

The Medical Pavilion at the Heart of Lancaster Hospital

Lititz, PA

Providing supporting medical offices adjacent to the Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center, The Medical Pavilion is a complex of two structures that visually connect to the local community. At the request of the client to architecturally tie to the recent Lititz Library, gable stone entrances reveal similar details from historic Lititz buildings at the Moravian square.

The two-story professional office Building A (41,000 sf) originally contained 9 suites, and the one-story professional office Building B (16,867 sf) was constructed second.


I appreciate the willingness of Beers & Hoffman to design what’s best for the project, not to some abstract ego goal. On the other hand, I also appreciate that they will strongly make their case for quality design and are willing to push to try to find the highest and best use for a facility. In short, it’s a pleasure to work with Beers & Hoffman. We created some beautiful, cost effective projects together… and we’ve had fun getting them done.

Ned Pelger, P.E.