Ephrata Community Hospital

Ephrata Community Hospital

Ephrata, PA

After developing an overall master plan, a key challenge of the phasing was design spaces to house the new facilities while allowing the hospital to remain at a fully functional level during the construction and relocation of other units within the hospital.

Renovations to address growing services and facility needs included the development of a new cardiology suite with a new cath lab, a new physical therapy and occupational therapy suite, a pediatrics unit, an acute rehabilitation unit, respiratory care, additional medical surgery, and radiology.

Connected to the existing three-story facility with matching brick while opening the corner with a curving curtain wall of glass, an addition to the 1948 building included a new pharmacy and Medical Records department.

The addition to the 1948 building was awarded an Excellence in Construction Award by the Associated Builders and Contractors Association.


We are extremely impressed with the firm’s creative design capabilities, knowledge of healthcare Life Safety requirements, and quick turnaround of project design drawings. Ephrata Community Hospital is happy to have Beers & Hoffman as part of its facilities project team.

Robert Graupensperger, Executive Director