Rudy Dam Road Residence

Rudy Dam Road Residence

Lititz, PA

The architectural design originated with the focus of experiencing the beautiful view of a tree-lined valley along a stream where a herd of deer cross daily. Wall extensions not only screen and direct the views, but also, stretch the elevations.

Minimal disruption to the site topography and the maintaining as many existing trees as possible allow the home to not only imbed itself into the slope, but to also appear to hang from the hillside.

And, the home feels much larger than its actual size. The spaces are sized to function well, maximize usable space, and allow flexible open space. The heart of the home with a see-through fireplace in front of a wall of glass is comfortable for not only just the couple but also for gathering two dozen family and friends.



There’s no place like (their) home. When one drives up to the new residence on Rudy Dam Road, he or she just might wonder if Frank Lloyd Wright had been reincarnated.

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